Athletics & Activities


Cross Country

Grade: 6/7/8

Advisor: Bob Loeper & Eric Schoenbach

Girls' Volleyball

Grade: 7/8

Advisors: Nina Larsen/ Melissa Larsen/ Kim Loeper/ Jane Kese

Boys' Basketball

Grade: 7/8

Advisors: Bob Loeper, Eric Schoenbach, Max Kese &
Melissa Larsen

Girls' Basketball

Grade: 7/8

Advisor: Melissa Larsen & 
Bob Loeper


Grade: 7/8

Advisor: Jason Jischke/
Andrew Lloyd    

Girls' and Boy’s Track

Grade: 7/8

Advisor: Melissa Larsen/Kevin Meyer
Jared Tracy/ Not yet filled


Athletics Forms - Beginning Fall of 2022 - these forms only need to be filled out once a year for each athlete.  It will cover any sport they choose to participate in throughout the school year. 

Done online at the following links.  

Athletics Registration Directions

Athletic School Store Directions



Athletic Questions:

Matt Wiebel 

920-424-0431 ext. 2816


Clubs & Activities

Chess Club:  

Begins in January and goes into March.

Drama Club: 

Drama Club is open to all grades and explores the different aspects of production: acting, staffing, reading, role-playing, etc. During the year, a scripted play will be cast and performed for the public.

Flag Football:

Played in September and October over lunch.  6th graders play on Monday.  7th-8th grade play on Tuesday-Thursday. For those who want a fun time getting the opportunity to work with others in different grades and to develop football skills.

Forensics (4N6): 

Forensics is an experience in public speaking. Students from all grade levels are welcome. This activity will increase poise, self-confidence, and is fun!  Participants practice with coaches and choose categories such as poetry, prose, news reporting, solo acting, group interpretation, and others. This is a winter club with competitions in February.

Geography Bee: 

This is a national competition that begins at the school level with competition in world geography.

Girls Go Forward:

Girls Go Forward is a small group made up of South Park students in grades 6-8. The group meets 12 times over 6 weeks and focuses on a variety of topics such as friendships, self-esteem, peer pressure, healthy relationships and social media safety.  In addition to the topic discussions and activities, the group participates in a wellness program as part of GGF. Some wellness activities will include, but not be limited to yoga, meditation, walking, jogging, and facilitator lead group games. This portion will promote healthy lifestyles as well as overall well being. The purpose of GGF is to encourage the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty and communication skills. GGF is facilitate by South Park teachers and pupil services staff.

Lego League: 

FIRST LEGO League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to grades 6-8 through fun, exciting hands-on learning. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a guided, global robotics program, helping today's students and teachers build a better future together.  No experience necessary to join!


Maker Club:


Ski Club:

There will be multiple trips to Nordic Mountain, weather permitting. Students from all grade levels are welcome to come and enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

Girls That Code:

Spelling Bee:


Student Council: 

Students and advisors work together to run school store, run school dances, sell items and fundraise. 


All students are invited to work on taking, sorting, and identifying pictures, planning layouts, and organizing the book. The work is done at noon or after school starting in the fall.

Student Newspaper:

Students write articles, take pictures, and report on topics of interest to them. This fun, creative activity is open to all students.

Tabletop Gaming Club:  

Tabletop Gaming Club is open to all grades and challenges students to engage with gaming with more advanced thinking and skill levels than what they might have normally been exposed to.  The club participates in local gaming conventions to build strong ties to the community, develop self-confidence as a gamer, and enhance learning skills. This club is open year round, with local convention participation in October and March.


Girls interested in technology meet after school weekly to explore technology careers with hands on opportunities.